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Why ?

Our directory is modefied to our community and arabic speaking business

Consumers can search in in more ways than any other Canadian online directory or search engine. You can search businesses by classification, region, business name or even phone number. Users come to because they find what they are looking for quickly and conveniently.

Weekly Web Usage
Traditionally, more men were accessing the web than women, but the women are catching up at work. Weekly web usage for men at work is 56% and women at 44%. In the home 34% of women use the Internet and 66% of men use the Internet on a weekly basis. (Source: ComQuest Research Presentation Feb. 1999)

Home vs Work
In the past two years, Internet connection at home has grown much faster than Internet connection at work. In the fall of 1996 only 10% of users were connecting from home, compared to 22% in the fall of 1998, while work usage has only increased from 13% to 19% over the same two-year period. (Source: ComQuest Research Presentation Feb. 1999)

As an advertiser, you want to reach consumers when they are ready to buy. Because the Internet is self-selective, users choose the criteria they are looking for. offers the opportunity to reach high quality, targeted customers when they are willing to hear your message.

Whether you want to drive additional traffic to your existing web site, or create an inexpensive presence online, is one of the greatest traffic values on the web.

Advertising promotes its web site in both traditional and online media. We advertise our site so you can benefit from the traffic we receive. Our business is your business.

Traffic Counts
If you place an ad on, we can provide you with specific hits to your ad. Ever wonder what the return on investment is on your other advertising? With, you'll see the results!

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Value compared to other media is indisputably the most cost-efficient way to attract consumers!

Review the rates of other media below.

Average yearly rate*
Full page ad in national newspaper
Ten 30-second radio spots in one major city
Full-page Yellow Page ad in large metropolitan area
Full Page ads in

* approximate figures

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